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The Rezolve Platform is a powerful set of mobile commerce and engagement capabilities that provide Host App owners with a range of valuable commercial opportunities that can be realized without having to develop code, host operations, or manage security. The Rezolve Inside™ SDK allows Host App owners to quickly deliver innovation for their consumers into existing or new mobile apps, and the back-end and surrounding technology platform and services provide the necessary infrastructure and facilitate operations and integrations. Rezolve presents multiple commercial models for its Partners, ensuring that benefits can be realized in a compelling and profitable way.

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1. Host App – The Rezolve Inside™ SDK allows Rezolve’s Partners and Customers to deliver cutting-edge mobile commerce and consumer engagement capabilities into their existing or planned mobile apps. In the Rezolve platform, a mobile app in which the Rezolve Inside SDK is implemented is referred to as a Host App.

Rezolve Inside™ SDK – The Rezolve Inside SDK is a software development kit that allows software developers to quickly implement mobile commerce and consumer operations or manage security.

Rezolve Commerce Engine – The Resolve Commerce Engine (RCE) is the set of PCI–compliant, SaaS-based, back-end services, databases, business logic & security components that supports the Rezolve Inside SDK functions, data and communications.

Rezolve Artificial Intelligence Network (RAIN™) – Rezolve’s RAIN™ system provides rapid integration with thousands of Merchants’ existing commerce systems to facilitate product information management, taxonomy manipulation & mapping, product information caching & indexing, and order injection. RAIN connects thousands of Merchants into the Rezolve commerce ecosystem and uses advanced machine learning algorithms to curate and maintain those connections.

Rezolve Merchant API – The Merchant API provides a set of direct API and integration services between RCE and Merchants for Products, Orders, and Payments to facilitate transactions where Merchants require a more controlled integration versus RAIN.

Rezolve Payments API – The Rezolve Payments API provides integration services between RCE and multiple payment service providers to facilitate the processing of payment transactions in multiple territories and multiple currencies.

Rezolve Merchant Portal – The Rezolve Merchant Portal is the web-based administration portal used by Rezolve Merchants, Partners and Customers to manage their Rezolve system.

Rezolve Merchant App – The Rezolve Merchant App is a lightweight and easy to use mobile utility app that gives Merchants a fast-to-implement E-Voucher capability. It forms part of Rezolve’s E-Voucher capability and allows Merchants to redeem electronically sold and delivered vouchers in store with zero integration effort.

Platform Infrastructure – The Rezolve core and back-end components are maintained on secure, PCI-compliant, cloud-based architectures, and delivered as a SaaS service so that Partners and Customers can deploy Rezolve into their mobile apps without the overhead of expensive back end infrastructures and the corresponding management, maintenance and security overheads and responsibilities.